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Converting Business To Green Energy

Companies are continually looking for new methods to be more environmentally friendly. Not only can going green benefit your business’s bottom line, but it can also help draw new customers and clients.

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What is a Revenue-Based Loan?

Here are some examples that show why Revenue-Based Loans can be beneficial to a business.

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House inflation and how it has affected us

What is inflation and how is it affecting us? Inflation is the rise in prices for goods and services over time.

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The Rise in the cost of living

The cost of living has reached a tipping point for many families across the United Kingdom. From the cost of energy bills to the food we are purchasing from our local shop, we are seeing increases in the cost for an average family rise to levels we have not yet seen before.

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The real cost of Christmas

There are many reasons why Christmas is so special to many people across the country. It’s a time where you can connect with family members, share stories, food and gifts.

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How are 200 countries planning to cut emissions by 2030?

With climate change being a key topic at the moment, we take a look into how 200 countries set out plans to cut emissions by 2030 and how financial organisations direct finance away from fossil fuel burning industries.

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As supply chains continue to be disrupted, are there clouds on the horizon for Christmas?

Container transportation costs have increased massively since last summer, and major ports are experiencing a severe backlog. There has been a trend of shortages in recent months, the production of vehicles has been a significant issue due to the lack of computer chips.

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The cost of hosting the Olympics

When London hosted the Olympics in 2012, it was a very exciting and unique time. It filled the country with morale and eagerness to watch the games commence.

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Lockdown learnings

Small businesses will be the driving force behind the UK’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. The clearest effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been on turnover and employment in SME’s.

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Everything you need to know about cryptocurrency

You may have heard people saying using the name Bitcoin, or maybe you have read somewhere about a trend called cryptocurrency. The name has been used a lot recently, but the history of cryptocurrency is over ten years old.

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Stamp Duty holiday encouraged a buoyant home buying market

Stamp duty rates are being tapered back to full by the end of September 2021 in order to ease property buyers back in to a full price market after the stamp duty holiday ends on June 30th. Already extended from March 31st, the holiday was intended to keep the property market moving during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

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Working From Home

Back in March 2020, the United Kingdom was facing a unique challenge. We were placed into a national lockdown, which meant we couldn’t go to our usual favourite restaurants, there wouldn’t be any family barbecues in the garden, and you were more than likely to begin working from home.

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Everything you need to know about the Recovery Loan Scheme

The Recovery Loan Scheme was launched on April 6th, 2021, by the UK government to help support businesses of any size to have access to loans and other financial support.

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Strengthening small businesses with Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance allows you to quickly release cash into your business by converting the value of unpaid invoices into ready working capital. This facility can help reduce severe cash flow problems and help manage businesses day to day finances.

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SME lending through Saffron

Jerry Lees is Chairman of Linear Investments and sits on the advisory board of Saffron Asset Finance. He talked to Kate Horne about how Saffron can support SME’s with a current loan requirement “Saffron Asset Finance is a direct to market SME lending solution, set up in response to the lack of cost effective and […]

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What is Saffron Asset Finance?

What is Saffron Asset Finance? James Churchman, Head of Sales for Linear Investments, talked to David Craven, incoming CEO of Saffron Asset Finance to find out more High street banks are known for preferring to fund larger business loans than to facilitate small business loans. This is mostly due to the fact that SME’s tend […]

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